Sushi School

A Sushi school is a great way to spend an evening!
I will bring all the ingredients and equipment to make sushi.
First I will do a short introduction about sushi, then we make it.
Everyone will make a roll and then some nigiris (rice balls with topping).
You all decorate your plates and sit down and eat.

Basic sushi school menu:
Uramaki-inside out roll with salmon, avocado, chives, cucumber and sesame seeds
Nigiri-zushi with salmon and red snapper
Tataki- Chili Seared Tuna and seaweed salad
800 SEK/person

We also offer Sushi school de luxe.
Then it also includes scallops, prawns and squid salad.
900 SEK/person

We sometimes arrange sushi schools at restaurang Campus.
Then we will advertise it in advance. If you are interested, fill out the form and mail us.
Or call 0704-224051