Sushi School

Two of our top specialities are sushi and Japanese food.
Robert Melin has been making sushi for over 35 years and has written 3 books about the Japanese kitchen.
Why not attend one of our sushi schools? Come to our restaurant or we’ll come to you.
Choose between a Japanese catering with a sushi chef or just catering of top-quality sushi.

Sushi school
A very popular event is to hire Robert Melin as a sushi chef or teacher – a great idea for a company kick off or at home, for a birthday or a hen party. He will bring everything you need and together you will compose a Japanese feast!
Roll seaweed rolls, squeeze nigiri balls, slice salmon and cut veggies. Beautifully plate what you’ve made and then devour it with the beverage of your choice.
This can also be combined with sake tasting or knife school. Get in touch for more information.

Sometimes we arrange sushi schools at Restaurant Campus, Bromma folkhögskola, Åkeshovsvägen 29 in Bromma. We will announce it here. Please send us a email if you are interested.

Japanese catering
Why not impress your dinner or party guests with a private sushi chef? Together we tailor make the menu with drinks to match. Why not make an adventure of it? Watch a samurai movie, sing karaoke or learn to fold origami. A trip to Japan that does not require a passport or covid pass!