Q & A

On this page we have collected some common questions and answers. Maybe we just missed YOUR question.
If you don’t find your catering question here, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone!
You can reach us on 0704-224051

We serve lunches every week day at our restaurant that’s located at Bromma folkhögskola.
You can also fetch your food box here. And this is where we cook all the food for our caterings.
our opening hours for lunch is Mondays -Fridays 11.00-13.00.
Mondays-Thursdays we also have the café open between 13.00-15.00.
On school breaks and holidays we are also closed for lunch.

Are you not sure what you want or you want to mix from different parts of the world?
Of course, why not? Compose a menu or call us for inspiration. 
Our menus are just suggestions. If you want organic, vegan, low GI or other specialities, just say.
Together we will tailor make YOUR party food!

Do you have a place, but no kitchen, crockery or other things?
Don’t worry, we fix!

Are you looking for a live band or a DJ?
No problem, we have contacts.
How does it work when ordering catering and how many do we have to be?
It depends… The prices are based on a ”normal” party, 25-50 persons. If you are more, it’s cheaper,
less, more expensive. Minimi catering order for food: 3.500 SEK.

How much for transport?

Monday-Thursday 09.00-18.00 in town or in the Bromma area: One way 700 SEK. Return 1000 SEK (when we have to pick up crockery etc.)
Weekends, evenings and just outside the city centre: One way 800 SEK. Return 1200 SEK.
You can also return goods the following day.

How much for staff?

Waiters 400 SEK/hour Chef, project leaders and bartenders 500 SEK/hour. After 22.00 another 100 SEK/hour.
How much for renting glasses, cutlery and crockery?
We will give you a quote when you’ve said what you want.
The food will be delivered on our goods or on disposable trays and bowls.
Everything will be specified in the quote you get.
Broken goods will be debited on the invoice.

VAT is added to all prices, 12% for food and 25% for other services.

More questions? Call me at 0704-224051